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  • Call for Projects - 2022 March 4th

    Call for Projects INSB - CNRS - access to the national infrastructures in health and biology

    This call aims to encourage new teams to use the services offered by Research Infrastructures to help their research project

    PHENOMIN is one of the Infrastructure eligible to this call to support scientists to create and phenotype models.

  • We celebrate 20th anniversary !

    From January 2022 onwards, watch out for all the events we will be organizing, which will be opportunities to strengthen our ties!

  • A new HREM prototype at ICS

    3D histology imaging for qualitative and quantitative data in phenotyping embryos and adult mice: new HREM prototype

    Published on 1 July 2021


    ICS contributes to a better understanding of the role of the DYRK1A protein in the disruption of the brain excitation/inhibition balance in the Down syndrome (PLoS Genet, Sep. 2021)

  • Good practices

    Good practices in preclinical studies using rodents. ICS has recently published in collaboration with its partner INFRAFRONTIER : Quality Principles in Systemic Phenotyping of genetically altered mouse models.See the publication.

  • Genotyping: a strategic design rather than a modus operandi

    Genotyping is often considered as a straightforward and easy step; in reality providing robust, accurate, and fast results is frequently more challenging that it seems.

    The training is conducted in French ! Still places availble ! See more


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