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  • The Power of Mouse Genetics

    The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) will organise its annual in person conference from 9-11 July 2023, at Keble College in Oxford, UK.


    The annual IMPC meeting is an important international gathering to discuss and reflect on the vital role of mouse genetics in human genetics, and genomic and precision medicine.

    It will bring together not only the global IMPC members but also distinguished speakers at the forefront of mouse and human genetics who will bring key and potentially transformative perspectives to the work of the mouse genetics community.

  • INFRAFRONTIER: mouse model resources

    iCS-MCI, is proud to continually contribute to the INFRAFRONTIER Services. take a look at our article "INFRAFRONTIER: mouse model resources for modelling human diseases" is now published in Mammalian Genome journal to catch up on the latest services and resources INFRAFRONTIER added to its portfolio

  • Marie-Christine Birling, lauréate médaille de Cristal CNRS 2023

    Marie-Christine Birling, Cheffe Associée du Département d'Ingénérie Génétique de l'iCS , est lauréate de l’une des médailles de Cristal 2023 décernée par le CNRS, annonce l’organisme le jeudi 4 mai. Reconnaissant une carrière jalonnée de belles réussites, cette médaille récompense tout particulièrement l’apport de Marie-Christine Birling dans l’adaptation de la technologie CRISPR/Cas9 à l’édition du génome et la production de modèles animaux.

    Avec Philippe André, c'est notre deuxième médaille Cristal du CNRS à l'ICS, ce qui démontre la qualité du travail de toutes nos équipes

  • A new HREM prototype at ICS

    3D histology imaging for qualitative and quantitative data in phenotyping embryos and adult mice: new HREM prototype

    Published on 1 July 2021


    ICS contributes to a better understanding of the role of the DYRK1A protein in the disruption of the brain excitation/inhibition balance in the Down syndrome (PLoS Genet, Sep. 2021)

  • Good practices

    Good practices in preclinical studies using rodents. ICS has recently published in collaboration with its partner INFRAFRONTIER : Quality Principles in Systemic Phenotyping of genetically altered mouse models.See the publication.


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