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Anxiolytic-like effects of DOI microinjections into the hippocampus (but not the amygdala nor the PAG) in the mice four plates test.

Masse F, Petit-Demouliere B, Dubois I, Hascoët M, Bourin M.
Behav Brain Res 2008 Apr 9;188(2):291-7

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Evaluation tools and animal models of peripheral neuropathies.

Fricker B, Muller A, René F.
Neurodegener Dis 2008 ;5(2):72-108

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Factors triggering abolishment of benzodiazepines effects in the Four-Plate Test--retest in mice.

Petit-Demoulière B, Hascoët M, Bourin M.
Eur Neuropsychopharmacol 2008 Jan;18(1):41-7

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Genetic background determines metabolic phenotypes in the mouse

Champy M.F., Selloum M., Zeitler V., Caradec C., Jung B., Rousseau S., Pouilly L., Sorg T., Auwerx J.
Mamm Genome 2008 May;19(5):318-31

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Inducing segmental aneuploid mosaicism in the mouse through targeted asymmetric sister chromatid event of recombination

Duchon A., Besson V., Pereira P.L., Magnol L., Herault Y.
Genetics 2008 Sep;180(1):51-9

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Nociceptin receptor impairs recognition memory via interaction with NMDA receptor-dependent mitogen-activated protein kinase/extracellular signal-regulated kinase signaling in the hippocampus

Goeldner C., Reiss D., Wichmann J., Meziane H., Kieffer B.L., Ouagazzal A.M.
J Neurosci 2008 Feb 27;28(9):2190-8

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Reliability, robustness, and reproducibility in mouse behavioral phenotyping: a cross-laboratory study

Mandillo S., Tucci V., Holter S.M., Meziane H., Banchaabouchi M.A., Kallnik M., Lad H.V., Nolan P.M., Ouagazzal A.M., Coghill E.L., Gale K., Golini E., Jacquot S., Krezel W., Parker A., Riet F., Schneider I., Marazziti D., Auwerx J., Brown S.D., Chambon P., Rosenthal N., Tocchini-Valentini G., Wurst W.
Physiol Genomics 2008 Aug 15;34(3):243-55

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The genetic ablation of SRC-3 protects against obesity and improves insulin sensitivity by reducing the acetylation of PGC-1{alpha}

Coste A., Louet J.F., Lagouge M., Lerin C., Antal M.C., Meziane H., Schoonjans K., Puigserver P., O'Malley B.W., Auwerx J.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2008 Nov 4;105(44):17187-92

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Variations in DNA elucidate molecular networks that cause disease

Chen Y., Zhu J., Lum P.Y., Yang X., Pinto S., MacNeil D.J., Zhang C., Lamb J., Edwards S., Sieberts S.K., Leonardson A., Castellini L.W., Wang S., Champy M.F., Zhang B., Emilsson V., Doss S., Ghazalpour A., Horvath S., Drake T.A., Lusis A.J., Schadt E.E.
Nature 2008 Mar 27;452(7186):429-35

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