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A conditional null allele of Dync1h1 enables targeted analyses of dynein roles in neuronal length sensing.

Di Pizio A, Marvaldi L, Birling MC, Okladnikov N, Dupuis L, Fainzilber M, Rishal I
J Cell Sci 2023 Mar 1;136(5):

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Increased On-Target Rate and Risk of Concatemerization after CRISPR-Enhanced Targeting in ES Cells

Valérie Erbs, Romain Lorentz, Benjamin Eisenman, Laurence Schaeffer, Laurence Luppi, Loic Lindner, Yann Hérault, Guillaume Pavlovic, ,Marie Wattenhofer-Donzé and Marie-Christine Birling
Genes 2023 03/02/2023;14(2023):401

Timeline of Developmental Defects Generated upon Genetic Inhibition of the Retinoic Acid Receptor Signaling Pathway

Marius Teletin, Manuel Mark, Olivia Wendling, Nadège Vernet, Betty Féret, Muriel Klopfenstein, Yann Herault, Norbert B. Ghyselinck
Biomedicines 2023 ;1(11):198

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