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Long-read sequencing for fast and robust identification of correct genome-edited alleles: PCR-based and Cas9 capture methods.

McCabe CV, Price PD, Codner GF, Allan AJ, Caulder A, Christou S, Loeffler J, Mackenzie M, Malzer E, Mianné J, Nowicki KJ, O'Neill EJ, Pike FJ, Hutchison M, Petit-Demoulière B, Stewart ME, Gates H, Wells S, Sanderson ND, Teboul L
Plos Genet 2024 Mar;20(3):e1011187

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The Rogdi knockout mouse is a model for Kohlschütter-Tönz syndrome.

Jimenez-Armijo A, Morkmued S, Ahumada JT, Kharouf N, de Feraudy Y, Gogl G, Riet F, Niederreither K, Laporte J, Birling MC, Selloum M, Herault Y, Hernandez M, Bloch-Zupan A
Sci Rep 2024 Jan 3;14(1):445

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