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  • Genetic engineering and model validation

    In charge of the generation of customized and ready-to-use genetically modified mouse.

  • Mouse supporting services

    Support of the mouse mutagenesis and phenotyping programsby providing state-of-the-art housing and phenotyping conditions.

  • Phenotyping

    Standardized, comprehensive or advanced, functional characterization of mouse models.

ICS provides researchers with large scale creative abilities of genetic modification and functional analysis in mice

ICS provides services and develops open to the entire scientific community, genetic engineering in mice, zootechny, and standardized functional analysis while ensuring ethics and welfare of animals. The user’s community is composed of more than 300 French, European, public or private labs and pharmaceutical groups.

ICS consists in 3 highly interactive departments : 

Genetic Engineering, Mouse Supporting and Phenotyping which generate and characterize more than 200 genetically modified mice per year.

The Genetic engineering department in charge of the generation of customized and ready-to-use genetically modified mouse provides services and develops new tools in generation and validation of mouse model. Since its creation in 2002, more than 900 mouse models were done for our customers. 24 experienced biologists are exclusively concentrated on designing models, molecular biology, and cell biology and embryo manipulation.

The Mouse Supporting department supports the mouse mutagenesis and phenotyping activities by providing state-of-the-art breeding, housing, and welfare and phenotying conditions. The Department houses the microinjection platform which provides services in DNA and ES cell injections, and mouse cryopreservation. 23 experienced biologists are devoted to the generation, breeding, care of mouse models and archiving. The Department is housed in the ICS Animal Facility, a 2100 m2 area providing a controlled and reproducible environment for the mice.

The Phenotyping department provides standardized, comprehensive or advanced, functional characterization of mouse model: state-of-the-art service, consultative advices and equipment regarding anatomical, physiological, and behavioral phenotypes. It aims to better understand the function of genes, basic mechanisms of biology, physiopathology of diseases, to identify and validate new drug targets and to perform risk assessment in drug development. Currently, the department consists in 24 experienced biologists distributed on 6 services of clinical characterization.

  • Neurobiology and Behavior
  • Cardiovascular system 
  • Lung exploration functions
  • Clinical chemistry and haematology
  • Metabolic exploration
  • Histopathology and Embryology
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