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9th International Meeting on Copy Number Variants and Genes in Intellectual Disability and Autism

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Invited Speakers

Reza Asadollahi (Zurich, Switzerland): "The use of small CNVs to identify novel disease genes in neurodevelopmental disorders"

Evan Eichler (Seattle, USA): "Advances in Understanding the Genetic Basis of Autism and Intellectual Disability"

Jozef Gecz (Adelaide, Australia): "Defining the role of mRNA export and mRNA decay in neurodevelopmental disorders, intellectual disability and autism"

Yann Herault (Strasbourg, France): "Modelling 16p11 and 17q21.31 copy number variants affecting intellectual disabilities in the mouse"

Vera Kalscheuer (Berlin, Germany): "XLID genes and networks"

Frank Kooy (Antwerpen, Belgium): "FRA2A is a CGG repeat expansion associated with silencing of AFF3"

Sebastien Jacquemont (Lausanne, Switzerland): "Neuroimaging and cognitive correlates in 16p patients"

Björn Menten (Ghent, Belgium): “Mate pair sequencing for the detection of chromosomal aberrations in patients with intellectual disability and congenital malformations”

Alexandre Reymond (Lausanne, Switzerland): "Chromatin loops and CNVs: the complex spatial organization of the 16p11.2 locus"

Lisenka Vissers (Nijmegen, The Netherlands): “Genome sequencing identifies major causes of severe intellectual disability”

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Troina, Italy

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