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Fondation Mérieux Workshop

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Animal models and relevance predictivity : how to better leverage the knowledge of the veterinarian field ?

Biomedical research, as an experimental science, has been relying on animal models. Although some animal-based models have been claimed not to be relevant and ethical, by working on comparative anatomy and physiology, major progress in medicine has occurred. Infectious agents, which ignore species boundaries, can be equally studied in animals and in humans. The deciphering of the human genome and those of several animal and vegetal species provides a tremendous development of biological science. As with any models, predictivity does not mean direct transposition of results. However, similarities between species are relevant enough to permit translational research, from the cells and tissues to animals, then to humans.
The objective of the workshop is to review the importance of the animals in the basic and applied research, the interactions between veterinary medicine and human medicine, the susceptibility to common infectious diseases as illustrated by the concept of "one world, one health".

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Annecy, France

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