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Frontier Phenotyping at PHENOMIN-ICS

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Frontier Phenotyping at PHENOMIN-iCS

vendredi 15 janvier 2016 - Auditorium, IGBMC 
Organized by the  Department of Translational medicine and Neurogenetics and hosted by the internal research program " Mouse model for human diseases", Nicolas CHARLET BERGUERAND, Gérard GRADWOHL, Yann HERAULT, Philippe KASTNER, Daniel METZGER, Arnaud POTERSZMAN, Bernardo REINA SAN MARTIN, from 2pm to 6pm


14:00-14:10: Yann HERAULT, PHENOMINiCS
Introduction to PHENOMIN-iCS 2016

14:10-14:30: Olivia WENDLING / Fabien PERTUY, PHENOMINiCS
Novel imaging modalities for embryology 

14:30-14:50: Alexandru PARLOGPHENOMINiCS
Micro-CT and its applications for development and disease studies

New techniques in cardiovascular exploration

15:10-15:30: Julien BECKER, PHENOMIN-iCS
Advanced pulmonary models

15:30-15:50: Hugues JACOBS, PHENOMIN-iCS
Novel histology techniques

15:50-16:30: Break

16:30-16:50: Hamid MEZIANEPHENOMINiCS
Advances in behavioural analysis 

16:50-17:10: Tania SORGPHENOMINiCS
Developments in muscular and neuromuscular phenotyping

17:10-17:25: Michel ROUX, IGBMC

New occular assays

17:25:-17:40: Marie-France CHAMPYPHENOMINiCS
New modalities in metabolic exploration 

17:40-18:00: Patrick REILLYPHENOMINiCS
Developments in mouse models of cancer at PHENOMINiCS

18:00 An apéritif will allow to pursue the discussions


Illkirch, France

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