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Introduction to Mouse Embryology (conducted in French)

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POSTPONED - June 22nd and June 23rd

 Virtual classes !!


  • Acquire a general knowledge of the major stages of the mouse embryonic development
  • Be able to design a first-line phenotyping experiment on mouse embryos
  • Be able to determine a window of lethality in utero
  • Improving knowledge of imaging techniques adapted to mouse embryos


Lectures - theoretical aspects (3 hrs)

  • Introduction to the embryonic development of mice: segmentation, gastrulation, the embryonic and foetal periods
  • Development of embryonic lineages

Workshops - practical aspects (3 h)

  • Determining the window of lethality of mutant mice in utero
  • Practical aspects of the collection and fixation of mouse embryos and placentas
  • Imaging techniques (HREM, MicroCT, OPT) of embryos


  • Online session - 2 consecutive mornings between March 30th to March 31st (whatever the sanitary conditions)
  • The session is conducted in French
  • Registration: online

CNRS formation entreprises

PHENOMIN's contact: bedu@igbmc.fr and olivia@igbmc.fr (scientific director of the course)


This theoretical training may be supplemented by face-to-face training including practical work in Nov. 2021



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