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Tuesday 25th Jan. From 04:00 pm to 05:00 pm, CET (Paris, France)


Thomas Rosahl, PhD, external in vivo pharmacology lead at Merck Research Laboratories, will show how the ICS phenotyping platforms contribute to the research carried out in his company; Thomas is a Senior Principal Scientist at merck, leading the Merck Research Laboratories collaboration with the ICS to phenotype Genetically Engineering Mouse models at a large scale using the various phenotyping platforms at the ICS.

Title of the presentation: Impact of GEM phenotyping at ICS for Merck Research Laboratories

Summary: For the last 18 years, Merck Research Laboratories has engaged in a collaboration with the ICS to phenotype Genetically Engineered mouse – and more recently rat – models. ICS has all phenotyping platforms under one roof, from GEM generation and gene expression analysis to validate novel GEM models, to behavior, cardio, metabolic, respiratory, histopathology and immunophenotyping. The presentations will highlight some vignettes on how ICS phenotyping impacted on the MRL drug discovery programs.


Françoise Piguet, PhD, researcher at the Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière (ICM), will present how ICS allowed her to collect the data necessary to prepare clinical trials for gene therapies. Françoise was previously a researcher at IGBMC using ICS platform and contracting punctually with ICS once she has joined the NEUROGENCELL team at ICM.

Title of the presentation: Gene therapy approaches for neurodegenerative and demyelinating diseases

Summary: Gene therapy approches to target either a specific gene or a metabolic pathway require proof of concept in several models and translational studies in rats and non human primates to develop a full set of data in order to prepare a clinical trial.



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