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Metabolic and diuresis cage: feces production

The test gives precise measurement of energy intake in a singly housed mouse (food consumption) coupled to the accurate measurement of feces production over 24 h. The test is useful to evaluate energy metabolism and intestinal function.

The test is also used for valuate renal function

Bomb calorimeter: evaluation of gross energy in feces


The assay is performed on stools to evaluate the energy digested by mice. The energy digested is calculated by the difference between the total calories ingested and excreted in feces. It could be expressed as "food efficiency". The food efficiency is particularly informative to assess the contribution of the intestinal absorption  in energy metabolism in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity, ...) that are associated with alteration or adaptation of the whole energy balance.

Strain background references

Amount of feces

Gross energy content of feces

Total energy excreted

Food intake 48h

Food efficiency


C5000 Bomb Calorimeter (IKA, Staufen, Germany)


Samples from 8 mice per group are recommended for reliable data analysis.

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