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A constitutive Knock-Out is a model engineered to carry a gene that has been made inoperative. 
Usually, the inactivation of a gene is achieved by the deletion (partial or total) of its sequence

  • 1. Production of a wild type protein

  • 2. Gene deletion

  • 3. Removal of the selection cassette. Low probability of truncated protein

ICS expertise:

  • Large ES resource already available (EUCOMMKOMP;NorCOMM). As a member of the EUCOMM consortium, the ICS has a solid experience using the EUCOMM and KOMP resources.
  • Our know-how in designing these models will reduce the risk of production of truncated protein from the partially deleted gene.


  • 1/3 of the genes are essential. Deletion of the 2 copies of the gene may lead in embryonic or postnatal lethality of the mutants.

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