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The Flex technology developed by Professor Pierre Chambon and Dr. Norbert Ghyselinck at the IGBMC is the unique available technique allowing the creation of inducible mutations in the animals. 
A recombinase catalyzed one-way genetic switch enables the expression of a modified allele in a specific biological system, organ or cell population. The wild type allele is expressed in the rest of the animal.

A directional strategy for monitoring Cre-mediated recombination at the cellular level in the mouse

Schnutgen F., Doerflinger N., Calleja C., Wendling O., Chambon P., Ghyselinck N.B.
Nat Biotechnol 2003 May;21(5):562-5
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ICS expertise:

  • Year of experiences with Flex models.


  • Risk of generation of a hypomorphic allele is high.

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