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  • Data release 8.0: now over 5,000 phenotyped genes!

    Data release 8.0 has been published on the IMPC website. Over 500 new genes have been added, bringing the total number of phenotyped mutant lines to 5,505, and the total number of phenotyped genes to 5,115. To learn more about the IMPC and its aims click here.

  • Refining our policy

    Always attentive to the expectations of the stakeholders of the PHENOMIN-ICS center, an integral part of the CELPHEDIA National infrastructure, we have refined our policy, scientific and quality, to continue our commitment to the needs of our users and colleagues, and to include our contributions in a responsible and open Research, responding to the challenges of our society.

  • ORDER your own RAT model !

    PHENOMIN-ICS opens new opportunities for researchers in their choice of the most suitable animal model.

    To complete our mouse services and resources, PHENOMIN-ICS generates genetically engineered rat models through CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing.


  • Active Avoidance test

    PHENOMIN augments its Learning and Memory panel with the Active Avoidance test

  • Training Courses 2018-2019

    4 next opportunities for French and International scientists to benefit from our outstanding expertise in Mouse Functional Genomics 

    Have a look to our whole training offer ! 


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Oct. 15 - Oct. 16, 2018 Congress

Oct. 15 - Oct. 16, 2018 Congress

Oct. 17 - Oct. 19, 2018 Congress

Oct. 18, 2018 Training course at ICS

Nov. 08 - Nov. 09, 2018 Congress

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