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  • ImaGBMC: Imaging Mouse Models

    Wednesday April 24th 2019, PHENOMIN-ICS and the IGBMC orgnizes a workshop dedicated to Mouse Model Imaging.

    Registration free but mandatory

    Join us !

  • Thank you to all the participants!

  • Let’s reach access to our services & resources!

    At least 10 calls for proposal have been launched since PHENOMIN-ICS creation. Keep informed to advance your projects

  • Viral transduction facility at ICS !

    Our capabilities could meet your needs with viral transduction as a crucial tool for gene transfert purposes.

  • ORDER your own RAT model !

    PHENOMIN-ICS opens new opportunities for researchers in their choice of the most suitable animal model.

    To complete our mouse services and resources, PHENOMIN-ICS generates genetically engineered rat models through CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing.


  • Studying human phenotypes with mice

    The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) measures associations between mouse genes and phenotypes


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May. 20 - May. 24, 2019 Now Training course

Jun. 01 - Jan. 01, 2020 Training course

Jun. 18, 2019 Training course at ICS

Jun. 20 - Jun. 21, 2019 Congress

Sep. 25 - Sep. 29, 2019 Meeting

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