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  • Phenotyping course

    Reach us for the  "Mouse model for diseases: approaches for phenotyping" workshop !

    The unique opportunity to benefit from the ICS's outstanding expertise in mouse phenotyping 

    Please have a look to the full list of ICS's courses

  • School for Mouse Phenogenomics

    Registration open !

    -24 experts from European landscape of the mouse phenogenomics field

    -An open yet priviledged place for exchanges and discussions of major on-going works, scientific and methodological issues

    -Share knowledge and expertise, transfer new concepts and innovative methods

    -Gain crucial skills required to use as best mutant mice

    More information at https://advanced-school.phenomin.eu/

  • Neuromuscular Phenotyping

    ICS is proud to offer novel assays for assessment of neuromuscular and muscular defects as part of our phenotyping. 

    Mouse Reaching and Grasping (MoRaG) assay as well as automated gait (DigiGait) analysis now complement our existing grip strength, rotorod, and beam walking assays.  Along with  isolated muscular strength assays that are coming soon, we provide excellent capabilities to assess neuromuscular and muscular defects in your animals.  

  • Quality Policy : dual certification renewed

    We successfully renewed our ISO 9001/2015 and NF X50-900:2016 certification in July 2016, consolidating our quality approach and the continuous improvement of our services.


  • Advanced Histological Stainings at ICS

    ICS is proud to offer new capabilities for histological examinations, the Masson’s trichrome and the Russell-Movat pentachrome stains. 

    Both these stains are excellent means for visualizing collagen deposits (fibroses), but with the Movat’s pentachrome stain one can also differentiate elastic fibres, muscle, mucin, and fibrin.  For detailed histological examinations or high quality images for publication, consider these stains to improve your understanding and impress your colleagues. 

    Left picture: Masson trichrone staining of a heart with massive fibrosis (in blue)

    Right picture: Movat Pentachrome Phamini modification: collagen is stained by light green

Check the status of your project research !

PHENOMIN offers a new customer portal tool to follow step by step your mouse/rat model generation.


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