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  • Courses at PHENOMIN-ICS

    4 next opportunities for French and International scientists to benefit from our outstanding expertise in Mouse Functional Genomics 

    Have a look to our whole training offer ! 

  • Better animal models of human disease

    CRISPR technology giving efficient tools, what is the best strategy to modelize human disease in rodent? Published on 4 July 2017

  • The crucial role of ATP6AP2 in cell survival

    Activating (pro)renin for conversion of Angiotensinogen to Angiotensin makes ATP6AP2 attractive for drug intervention. However, Atp6ap2 ablation in adult mice impairs viability through multiple organ deficiencies. Published on 29 August 2017


  • Meet us at the EMBL Conference

    ICS will share its expertise in mammalian functional genomics. Join and meet us !

  • IMPC publications

    "Two major papers from the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium have been published in Nature Genetics and Nature Communications. The research marks a vital step forward in the IMPC’s goal of creating a comprehensive catalogue of mammalian gene function".

  • Webinars CRISPR/Cas9 in rodents

    PHENOMIN-ICS presented 2 webinars on CRISPR/Cas 9 in rodents that were hosted by our partner Charles River.

    • CRISPR/Cas9 in Rodents Animals: The good, The bad and the ugly
    • Modelling Human Disease in Rodents with CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing  

    We are pleased to remind they are now avaibale as replay !

Call "Mouse models and rare diseases"

PHENOMIN is pleased to announce the results of the 3rd join call: 12 additional mouse lines will be generated ! 



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Oct. 19 - Oct. 20, 2017 Meeting

Oct. 24 - Oct. 27, 2017 Symposium

Nov. 08 - Nov. 09, 2017 Congress

Nov. 09 - Nov. 10, 2017 Congress

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