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Abdel Ayadi


The Mouse Supporting department supports the mouse mutagenesis and phenotyping activities by providing state-of-the-art breeding, housing, and welfare and phenotying conditions.

The Department houses the microinjection platform which provides services in DNA and ES cell injections, and mouse cryopreservation. 23 experienced biologists are devoted to the generation, breeding, care of mouse models and archiving.

The Department is housed in the ICS Animal Facility, a 2100 m2 area providing a controlled and reproducible environment for the mice.


  • Microinjection microinjection
    • DNA Pronuclear injection
    • ES cell injection into blastocysts
  • Mouse rederivation Mouse rederivation
    • Rederivation of animals or frozen embryos
    • Embryos transfer into recipient foster mothers
    • SPF mutant mice production : with or without opportunists (Norovirus, Hellicobacter sp, Pasteurellae sp)
  • Archiving and distribution Archiving and distribution
    • Frozen embryo
    • Frozen sperm
  • Production of large cohorts
    • By In Vitro fertilization (IVF)
    • Increasing the size of your colony
    • Age-matched animals (up to 200 at a time)
  • Husbandry and breedings
    • Maintenance of GEMs colonies
    • Biopsy, tissue collection
    • Daily Health checks and status reports
    • Phenotyping mouse cohorts production
    • Sentinel health screen program

Animal health and welfare

Health and Welfare of animals is of outmost importance to ensure the scientific quality of our services. Our care and welfare strategies is built on validated/well established practices in accordance with the appropriate health standards and international obligations.

Mice are housed in individually ventilated caging (IVC) system. To protect the animals, the IVCs operate under positive pressure. Their exhausts are connected to the building HVAC system. In addition to the IVC housing, all manipulations take place exclusively in laminar flow hoods. This double protection ensures the necessary health standard for mice and offers maximum convenience & safety to the user. All caging material is sanitized (chemical and high temperature sanitization). Both bedding and food are autoclaved. Chlorination is used for disinfection of the Drinking water.

For your information, the health report of the breeding area can be accessed online following this link:

Health status report (released October 2014) (326.2 KB)


The Animal Facility has been designed for the husbandry, breeding and phenotyping of genetically modified mice. The working area (3000 m2) is over two floors allowing a housing capacity of 18 000 cages.

The facility comprised 2 distinct areas: 

  • The Phenotyping area (900 m2
    • 8 animal rooms dedicated for mice housing (1500 cages) 
    • Laboratories for phenotyping 
    • The Quarantine area with 2 isolators dedicated for Imported mice 
  • The Breeding area (2100 m2
    • 12 housing rooms (16 500 cages)
    • 1 Microinjection Unit and dedicated nursery rooms (184 m2
    • 1 Cryopreservation Unit 
    • 1 Washing area (285 m2) (washing tunnel & cabinet washer, 2 autoclaves)
    • A warehouse (115 m2)

Each animal housing room is ventilated by 100% fresh, non-recirculated air at the rate of 15 air changes per hour. The room temperature is set at 21°C (19-23 °C). Animal housing room pressure is positive (5 Pa) to the corridor.

Distribution fees

Live Mice (6-7 weeks of age, 2-3 Breeding pairs): 3200 € 
Frozen materials: 1600 €

In most of the case only heterozygous carrier has been used for archiving and thus the distributed materiel may contain carrier (mutant or transgenic) and control (not mutant or not transgenic) embryos or gametes. ICS offers additional breeding services to e.g. generate cohorts of homozygous mutants. A quotation for such a service is available upon request.

Please note that all the lines are not specifically maintained for distribution. We thus cannot guaranty immediate shipment of live animals you requested. Once a request of interest is received, you will be contacted by email within a week to give you an up-to date availability of the requested line.

More Details on the restrictions, on PI and on the distribution is available upon request.

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