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Guillaume Pavlovic

Associate Head

Marie-Christine Birling


24 persons


The Genetic Engineering and Model Validation department is in charge of generating customized and ready-to-use genetically modified mouse. It provides services and develops new tools in generation and validation of mouse model. Since its creation in 2002, more than 1300 mouse models were designed for our customers: academic labs, European Union scientists or big pharmaceutical groups. 

Since 2016, CRISPR-Cas9 is a rapid and cost effective technology to generate mouse and rat mutant models. Now we can offer the generation of knock-out models though direct injection into fertilized mouse oocytes of CRISPR sgRNA and Cas9 mRNA. This approach allows to obtain models in shorter timelines and with reduced costs compared to gene targeting by homologous recombination in ES cells. 

Finally, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing opens a new area in rat genetics. 

24 experienced biologists are exclusively dedicated on models design, molecular biology, and cell biology and embryo manipulation.


  • Genetic engineering and Design
  • ES Cells
  • Microinjection
  • Genotyping
  • Gene expression
  • Resources and Tools

Mouse models

We offer quality custom generation of a wide range of mouse models developed by injection of Sv129/Pas or C57BL/6N ES cells in blastocysts or by pronuclear injection:

Pronucleus modification :

  • by injection of fertilized eggs 
  • plasmid or BAC

Modification through ES cell :

  • conditional knock-out 
  • constitutive knock-out 
  • tissue specific knock-out 
  • constitutive knock-in 
  • point mutation
  • humanization
  • humanization / conditional knock-out
  • flex models
  • chromosome engineering

Molecular Characterization :

  • validation of genetic modifications
  • gene expression level & tissue localization 
  • RNAi knockdown profiling

We also focus our efforts on reducing the timelines by developing new techniques and standardizing our process. To secure your project, we provide quality control procedures and develop a quality management system / assurance. Each model can be validated at the DNA, RNA or protein level by our genotyping and gene expression services.


  • CreERT2 zoo : database of more than 50 cell or tissue specific promoters driven CreERT2 transgenic lines.
  • NR Zoo : database of the nuclear receptors and there co-factors developed as mouse conditional knock-out models.
  • MousePat : database providing comprehensive analysis of the Nuclear Receptors (NRs) expression in the adult mouse brain.

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