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MousePat is the ICS gene expression website.

The goal of this database is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the Nuclear Receptors (NRs) expression in the adult mouse brain, gathering both quantitative and qualitative data. The information on NRs expression in the brain will be completed by expression studies in peripheral organs and in developing embryos. 

In one part of the database, we characterise the expression profiles of all genes by quantitative real time RT-PCR (qPCR) in 10 sub-regions of the brain, obtained by macrodissection or laser microdissection (LMD), collected from C57BL/6J adult mice. Results are presented as normalised values and histograms.In a second part, we use in situ hybridisation (ISH) to map anatomical expression patterns within the selected tissues. In the brain, expression has been analysed in 104 regions/nuclei and results are provided as a comparative table, with links to original ISH images. Results can be mined by gene of interest or by structures. 

MousePat website

This unique two-stage approach takes advantage of the sensitivity and accuracy of the qPCR to obtain quantitative and comparative information on the level of expression of the genes together with the high-resolution visualization provided by ISH to precisely localise the mRNA at the cellular level within anatomical substructures of the brain. Such expression information will ultimately be useful to elucidate the biochemical and physiological roles of nuclear receptors in vivo.

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