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The Institut Clinique de la Souris (ICS) has developed a specific Cre-ERT2 resource that is now available to the scientific community. In this database you will find a standardized characterization of different Cre lines driving Cre or Cre-ERT2 in various tissues and organs. We wish you to find a Cre driver of interest for your research programs. We expect that it will help to speed up your research program and the understanding of gene function using temporal and spatial conditional mutagenesis.

The mouse lines described here are available for academic users under MTA agreement and distribution fees. The fees for these animals are calculated on cost recovery basis and are used to recover animal husbandry and stock replacement costs. (Fees do not include the costs for shipping the material from the ICS facility to the recipient's institution.)

MouseCre website

What is a creERT2 mouse?

The fusion protein Cre-ERT2 mediates spatio-temporal control of somatic mutagenesis. It has become in the last years the state-of the art technology for in vivo study of gene expression and gene function as deletion of a gene can be specifically targeted in a tissue-specific manner.

Why developing this resource?

Generation of conditional knock-out mice has become classical. Also in less than two years time, the three main international mouse mutagenesis programs (EUCOMM for Europe, NorCOMM for the Canada and KOMP for the US) will terminate the conditional targeted of most of the mouse gene. All these ES cells will be available to be driven into mice.

A need for a significant number of Cre and Cre-ERT2 new lines for cell and/or tissue specific deletion is striking. The ICS Cre-ERT2 zoo proposes new inducible Cre lines to the scientific community, specific for various biological systems. These lines have been selected by RT-qPCR (Cre mRNA) and look promising for their capacity to delete floxed genomic fragment after Tamoxifen induction. The level of characterization of these lines will be updated regularly in our database.

Most of the lines described here are still under further characterization and the data shown here can be subjected to modification without specific notification.

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